Garlic: To Chop or Press?

May 17, 2013

Garlic: To Chop or Press?

The most common garlic question I get is: “What’s better, to chop garlic with a knife or to use a garlic press?” And my answer is always the same – the best way is whatever works best for you. And this is a lesson that can apply to anything in the kitchen. If you like it, that’s the way to do it. If you want to open pecans using the 5 inch heel of your Jimmy Choos, or cut cilantro with nail scissors – go for it. People get turned off to cooking because they feel inadequate from watching some of the famous TV chefs: “I can’t do it like them, so I won’t.” Well guess what, I don’t drive my car like the famous Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson – but I still drive, and I still like it. So just get in the kitchen and make something…your way. And use garlic, it’s so good. Sam the Cooking Guy

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