“Heat Changes Things”

May 31, 2013 2

“Heat Changes Things”

I’ve been saying that forever and my family has been making fun of me forever because of it. As my oldest likes to point out, “We get it dad, heat makes things hot.” And the smart young man is right, it does - but that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about what heat does ‘taste-wise’ to food – because it’s rather remarkable. There are 3 simple examples in this short video, and before you write them off as too simple - just try them. Look, I don’t want to get overly dramatic about it, but they will change you the way heat changed them. Really. Sam the Cooking Guy

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  1. I like the videos of you Sam, but that cavernous warehouse sound needs to be toned down a bit!

    - Jeff
    1. I hear you Jeff. but we shoot at my house which is good because it’s kind of a normal environment. but it’s bad because there is no sound attenuation. thanks for reaching out.

      - Sam Zien

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