Introducing Sam the Cooking Guy at Bed Bath & Beyond!

March 27, 2013 43

Introducing Sam the Cooking Guy at Bed Bath & Beyond!

We are so excited! Sam the Cooking Guy, a.k.a. Sam Zien, television cooking show host, cookbook author, frequent Today Show contributor, and all-around great guy, is partnering with us! Meet Sam by watching the video below, and please leave a comment letting us know what you'd like to see Sam talk about in future videos. And come back tomorrow for his first installment — it's very timely...

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  1. Hi Sam, As Michael, I too have been looking for a round cutting board just like yours, without success. Please give us some ideas where we may find one. Thank you, Kathy

    - Kathy French
  2. I love the large circular butcher stone in your kitchen. Cannot find anything like this online. Where did you acquire it? What type of stone is it? Very cool. Love your show!

    - Michael Padgham
  3. Sam,
    I am a huge fan.
    My DINNER PARTIES rock bc of you….. 5 years ago I COULD throw a party but….. Cocktails only….:)
    Ok so
    I have a friend who is getting married….. Any ideas or recos for what should go on her BBAB registry?

    - Andrea
    1. thanks andrea. and not that there’s anything wrong with a cocktail-only dinner party, but food definitely makes it much better. and I’m working on a registry ‘should-have’ list. stay tuned…

      - Sam Zien
  4. SAM!!! So excited to see you here. Look forward to learning more. You are the best!

    - Tami W.
    1. Hey Sam, my ceramic frying pan , which I bought about six months ago, is giving me a problem.
      Everything sticks to it now. I dislike using a lot of oil. Apart from buying a new one which you may suggest, what can I do to remedy this situation. A reply would be most appreciated. Sure enjoy your cookbook. So happy now that we can come to you with other problems as well.
      You are a delight! Thanking you in advance, Annie Lister

      - annie
      1. wish I could tell you to just sleep with it under your pillow annie and all will be non-stick again, but I can’t. in fact the only time I’ve heard of that was when someone admitted to using waaaaay too much heat – could that be the case? I have ceramic pans and use them OFTEN and they still perform brilliantly. and of course they’re always the possibility it came out of the factory flawed…but still disappointing. I appreciate you wanting to keep it in the family, but maybe it’s time to seek the council of an expert at the place you bought it.
        let me know how you make out.
        non-stickingly yours,

        - Sam Zien
        1. Thanks for your prompt reply! I shall pay heed to your advice and see the manager of the shop where I bought the pan. Could you tell me what temperatures are best for a ceramic frying pan or pot! look forward to your reply! You’re a sweetheart!
          with appreciation,
          Annie Lister

          - Annie lister
          1. it’s tough to give you a number annie, because it’ll depend on what you’re cooking. but I’d suggest starting at medium for most of what you’re doing. if you will be searing, then medium/high should do it but remember to heat the pan with nothing in it first – then add oil and then the food.

            - Sam Zien
          2. Thanks Sam the Cooking Guy! You are truly a sweetheart and a maven. OMG, all these years , I have been doing it wrong and finally got an answer from you. I always use to put the oil in first and then heat the pan. Many, many thanks! You are an angel! love you! Annie

            - Annie lister
    2. thanks tami – glad I’m here too 🙂

      - Sam Zien
  5. Sam IS the cooking man!!! We are also looking to replace our everyday Faberware, so look forward to your video on pots and pans.

    - Pete
    1. Thanks Pete – pots & pans will definitely be in the lineup.

      - Sam Zien
  6. i see him on tv all the time and i learn lots. good news to see him here

    - patsyr
  7. My wife is a better cook as a result of follwing Sam and now we get to see him
    at BB&B. Let us know if he’s gonna do a book signing there because we now have an excuse
    to visit the store and pick-up some gadgets that Sam recommends. We can always use
    more cool stuff from BB&B.

    - Brian B
  8. Wow, Sam the Cooking Guy together with Bed Bath & Beyond !! Two of my favorites. I look forward to hearing more Sam. Would be great to get your take on some of the best cooking gadgets that BB&B carries.

    - ShelleyT
  9. Are there any spaulas out there for non stick cookware that don’t disintegrate after a few uses?

    - Ann Graham
  10. Sam I watch your show at home and EVERYTIME I’m at Costco-you seem to be everywhere and now at my FAVORITE store BED, BATH,and BEYOND. I’m on my way there this weekend. Your books and ideas are the best and so is that KALE salad…..!!!!

    - Lynn
  11. We own the Paula Deen collection of pots and pans. It is now four years old and we are ready to replace them but need your advice. With the new PFOA free standard, what do you recommend? Ceramic or stainless steel? Everyone tells me that stainless steel is more work to keep clean. Please help.

    - Luis
    1. Lui – great question, in fact we’ll have an upcoming video on exactly this. For now I can tell you I prefer a combination: I like ceramic pans, stainless pots, a carbon steel wok and a cast iron pan or two – they all have their place. But a set of pans should definitely last more than 4 years – are you just tired of them?

      - Sam Zien
      1. My wife swears that we are going to get cancer from our current set. Haha. I think she just wants a new look for our new home. Our 12 inch frypan is showing signs of peeling and wear and tear. We use it a lot though.

        - Luis
        1. Your wife may be exaggerating a wee bit, and I’m certainly not a scientist or a pan manufacturer, but I’m pretty sure it’s time to put the 12 inch out to pasture – just sayin’.

          - Sam Zien
  12. Hi Sam, my biggest hurdle right now is how to integrate (non starchy) vegetables into my dinner meals. I am a lazy cook, so usually my idea is just to make quick steamed vegetables, like brocolli or carrots . I find these really boring tasting and repetative so have really just given up on them entirely.

    After getting a few different salads at the grocery store deli, I have gotten the idea that I would eat more vegetables if I could make them into interesting (but quick/easy) cold salads that could be stored in the fridge and eaten over the course of a couple of days. I don’t eat heavy dairy like sour cream and cheese etc, so if you have any ideas for healthy, flavorful light chopped salads that would be great. I should also mention that I am not a big fan of chopping vegetables but I do have a food processor that I would like to learn how to use.

    - Sue A
  13. Please tell me BB&B will start carrying your Zyliss garlic press! 🙂 Happy to see your face in yet another venue, Sam! The Livecasters all support you!

    - Diane W.
  14. I love Sam! I have two of his books and I just love his style, so friendly and no stress. I would love to see tips for organizing your kitchen and storage solutions.

    - Amanda
  15. I now live in Westminster, where is the closest Bed Bath& beyond for me ?
    And do you sell Jersey knit sheets?
    We have watched Sam the Cooking guy for years, we love him:)
    Tell him we want some slow cooker recipes , and how do you sharpen a knife

    - michael ankerberg
  16. Yes! Cast iron pans! Which ones are best; how the hell do you cook, season & clean them? Please tell, thanks!

    - Carrie H
  17. I have tried a myriad of non-stick 12″ fry pans, following the care and use instructions carefully, and they still, ultimately, stick. This includes high-end expensive pans. Any recommendation for the ultimate pan?

    - Grace DeShaw-Wilner
    1. My ultimate non-stick pan comes from Scanpan, which are made in Denmark. Here’s an example: Virtually nothing sticks, they’re PFOA-free, have a ceramic titanium nonstick cooking that won’t flake off and have a imited lifetime warranty. I’ve been using Scanpans for about 6 years now and am totally happy. Plus you should see how they can sear scallops, steak – anything.

      - Sam Zien
  18. I’d love to hear more about organizing a kitchen. Any tips on where appliances should go to be more efficient and convenient? What belongs on the counter? What belongs in a cupboard? Stuff like that.

    - E_E
  19. FINALLY we will get to see more of Sam! He cracks me up…even my little kids LOVE him. Not to mention my VERY thankful husband who has a VERY happy tummy. Pick me…pick me…..I have a question…..which is the safest cutting board to use?

    - karen
  20. So excited! Love Sam the Cooking Guy AND Bed, Bath and Beyond! What a great partnership! Can’t wait to see what Sam has in store for us on the blog!!!

    - Cheryl Bruser
  21. How can you not love this guy?
    we miss his TV show

    - uncshmuel
  22. Makes cooking fun and easy and appetizing! love Sam the cooking guy! Showed me how to cook for two enjoyable and actually like what I have “thrown together” Thanks Sam the cooking guy!
    Your enthusiasm is contagious! We all love you!

    - annie lister
  23. Ok Sam- not that my kids are out in the world on their own, I can’t seem to cook for just 2. I’m stuck in a rut, any suggestions?
    PS… I own all your cookbooks and LOVE them. When ever I try something new, my husband asks ” is this from SAM?”. and I’m proud to say yes.

    - Cheri Hissong
  24. I LOVE Sam! He has saved my life for years in the kitchen! As a working mom of 3 hungry kids, who wants to spend more than 20 minutes prepping dinner? I can hardly wait to see what great tips he has for all the cool gadgets in BB&B!

    - Dana Golden
  25. I love my Sam the Cooking Guy!

    - Sandy Carlos
  26. Pretty sure he got his chopping block at the Wok Shop in San Fran. They have a website. We bought one a loooong time ago for the same reason, seeing it on his show.

    - Lisa
  27. You ask what we would like to know?

    My daughter and I have wondered for years where we might purchase a big,
    round cutting board like your’s?

    - Emma
  28. I LOVE Sam the Cookin Guy! What a GREAT collaboration!!! Can’t wait to see more. I’ll be back with questions for sure!

    - Katy T.
  29. Knives! I have a whole set. They’re all different. I use one of them all the time. The others are neglected. What the heck should I be doing with all these knives?!

    - Konz
    1. Not sure what you have Konz, but some knives excel at certain tasks. A serrated knife is meant for cutting bread and even squishy tomatoes. The paring knife is great for small, close work like peeling fruit. The long thin knives are meant for slicing – chicken, turkey etc. A chef’s knife, with it’s rounded wide blade is great for chopping things – garlic, parsley etc. But your problem is not unusual, and you’re not in using one for many tasks. If you really are not going to use them – maybe a friend needs a knife or two, or you could donate to a local high school cooking program (they generally have pretty bad equipment).

      - Sam Zien

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