Juicing – Just the Facts

April 05, 2013 13

Juicing – Just the Facts

I grew up with a ‘juicer’ that worked only on citrus.  And if you only wanted a glass of orange or grapefruit juice, it was the perfect thing.  Today there are many different types, including the two in the video.  But what ever type you’re considering – you can expect the same thing: super fresh, super delicious juice from fruit or vegetables you’d never be able to get juice from – unless of course you were the Hulk.

And I’m definitely not the Hulk, and I’m not the biggest eater of that stuff either.  So the idea of sitting down and consuming 2 apples, 4 carrots, a cucumber, some strawberries, a piece of ginger, 3 beets and 2 lemons is out of the question.  But in not much more time than it took me to type out that last sentence, I can have all of them juiced into one glass of super nutrients that’s good for me.  Really good for me.

There are many reasons people juice.  And whether it’s for extra energy, weight loss or simply general health – juicing makes a lot of sense in these ‘sugar and preservative’ added days of store bought food.

If you’re not juicing, maybe go check one out.  Or have a friend with one whip you up one of their favorite combinations.  They’re kind of addicting, but in a very positive way.

 Sam’s favorite juicing recipe

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  1. awesome post.i think juicing make super fresh and healthy.it’s also helpful for weight loss.thank you.

    - Susan
  2. I just recently bought the Breville and I am a juicing maniac! This always helps me shed a few pounds that I need off for the summer time! This juicer works best than any other juicer I have ever used. Looks like a lot to clean, but it’s really not, takes less than five minutes!

    - Chanel
    1. I love to hear that meg – thanks!

      - Sam Zien
  3. One of the first juices I ever made had asian pairs, carrots and a little fresh ginger. It was very refreshing, sweet and tangy… I’d recommend it to a new juicer in a heartbeat…

    - kay13
  4. Sam – Where does a great blender like a Vitamix fit in? Not sure if I should get a juicer in addition. Pros/cons?

    - Wiggle
    1. excellent question wiggle. though there are some juicers that also process foods, more often than not a juicer pretty much just juices – so you’re getting just a thin liquid out of it. but a good blender will juice to a certain extent, but also blends to make soups sauces, baby food and the list goes on. if you plan on juicing a lot, a juicer is definitely for you.

      - Sam Zien
  5. You don’t need recipes to juice. It’s super easy! Just add fruits and veggies together. As you get more used to it, you can become bolder. Carrots and apples are pretty basic. You can then add in ginger, parsley and cilantro. Sweet potato, lemon and beets are great in juice too. Anything really… Variety is key. Oh, and a little ginger goes a very loooonnngg way!

    - Kim
  6. I have no idea how to start juicing. I have the machine I want (centrifugal), but I don’t know which recipes will actually taste good. I don’t know the right combinations of fruit and vegetables to use.

    - Heather
    1. Kim’s right – but here are a few to get you going anyway. Follow your juicer’s directions for what to do with certain items (like peel citrus for example). And start with a smallish slice of ginger until you decide how much you like, it can be spicy but oh-so good.

      3 Apples
      2 Lemons
      1 piece of ginger
      1 peeled cucumber
      1 Beet
      1 bag of carrots
      1 celery stock
      2 Apples
      2 lemons
      1 large chunk of ginger
      1 bag of Kale
      2 stocks of Celery
      1 bag Spinach
      2 Apples
      2 Lemons
      1 large chunk of Ginger

      - Sam Zien
      1. I’ve been a bit dubious about the green ones, but I have to say, yours sounds good, Sam. Something about the ginger/lemon combo that’s working for me. I might actually try that one.

        - Amy Laskin
        1. ginger makes any juice awesome – but use a little at a time till you find out how much you like. it can be very strong

          - Sam Zien
        2. ginger & lemon are so good in almost every juice.

          - Sam Zien
  7. thanks for the comparison Sam

    - PatsytR

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