Leftover Easter Egg Recipes: Sam’s Got ’em!

April 18, 2014 5

Leftover Easter Egg Recipes: Sam’s Got ’em!

Last year, we asked Sam the Cooking Guy to help us deal with our leftover Easter eggs. His answer–three “big in taste, but small in effort” hard-boiled egg recipes–was delicious! In fact, his ideas were so popular we’re bringing them back this year.

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Sam the Cooking Guy, is thinking about eggs – namely, all the leftover hard boiled eggs we’ll be looking at next week. Check out the video below for his delicious ideas for making the most of this traditional Easter treat. He’s got three great leftover Easter egg recipes for you (and not just the usual egg salad). And a bonus: Sam will teach you how to make the perfect hard boiled egg as a starting point for all this great eating!


Spicy Scotch Eggs


Crispy Bacon & Green Onion Deviled Eggs


Curried Egg Salad


The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg


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  1. Thanks Sam for the greatest idea you bring us I’m always try one of you recepies.

    - Arely
  2. HEllO! have a question about knives. I have a set of 13 year old very expensive knives. I can’t afford a new set right now. Can you give me some tips on sharpening? Do people still use stones or is there something better out there for sharpening…also if stones are used, do you have to be skilled? :-/
    Sorry I know its not a food question but, I sure would love to get a few extra years out of these knives.
    they have twin guys on the butcher block holder-not sure the make

    - Suzanne Borkoski
    1. Hi Suzanne – thanks for the great question. With a good edge, a 13 year old knife will work just as well as a 13 month old knife. Stones are still definitely used, but mostly by people with that kind of skill. A knife ‘steel’ – the kind you see chefs using quickly to sharpen are most common in restaurants but often a bit challenging for non-chefs to use. The key is getting the right angle on the blade with no guide. That’s why the ‘pull-through’ knife sharpeners have become so popular. They’re not just well priced, but they all but guarantee the same angle on both side of the knife. BTW, the twins on your knives mean they are Henckel knives – an excellent quality that should last you a long time.
      Hope this helps.
      Sam 🙂

      - Sam Zien
  3. Love Sam the Cooking guy and his recipes. Fun to have him at BB&B my go to store. Good partnership.

    - E
    1. Thanks E – I feel the same way!

      - Sam Zien

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