Multiple Uses For A Tervis Tumbler

September 13, 2013 2

Multiple Uses For A Tervis Tumbler

How much technology could there be in a simple plastic cup? Well when it’s a Tervis Tumbler, the answer is a lot. Whoever is responsible for the double wall construction should be given a medal or at least many pats on the back. They keep cold things (like ice cream and drinks) cold…they keep hot things (like soup or coffee) hot…they don’t sweat and they even have a lifetime guarantee. What more could you ask for in a cup?  Lots of choice in available designs? Yes – they have that too.

Sam the Cooking Guy

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  1. Can’t imagine life without Tervis! I use them for hot tea, cold drinks, coffee and smoothies! I even make iced drinks and leave them in the fridge and the hasn’t melted! Love all the themes and the 20% helps to keep adding more to my collection!

    - Lee
  2. I have owned Tervis tumblers of various sizes and shapes for at least 15 years. They are absolutely the best to drink out of whether you are drinking hot or cold beverages. They are the only thing we drink out of whenwe are at home. We live in Texas. It gets so hot here! We use ice to cool our drinks much of the year. It is so nice to be able to set the Tervis tumbler or mug anywhere without worry of “sweating” on the good furniture. They are wonderful for hot drinks too. Be sure to buy the lid designed for each size too. When we take a road trip, they come along too. Honestly, I cannot say anything bad about them. Buy them! You will love them too!!!

    - Judi Vreeland

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