3 Under $30 Healthy Cooking Tools

January 13, 2018

3 Under $30 Healthy Cooking Tools

We are clearly creatures of habit. The holiday season arrives with all its fantastic parties, food and libations and we enjoy the heck out of it. Then January comes and boy are we sorry. Diets are sworn to, carbs are cursed and we promise to eat much, much better. Deep down though we dread what that means – boring and often tasteless food. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that – and here are 3 tools to help make my point. They cover adding just the right amount of fat, adding an extra boost of flavor and cooking the skinny way.

The EVO Oil Sprayer delivers the exact same amount of oil every time. And whether you use it for cooking fish, making a salad or adding flavor to a steak while it cooks, it puts YOU in charge of calories. And that’s definitely a good thing.

Microplane Herb Mill lets you add fresh cut herbs in the most simple way possible. Want to add a burst of flavor to your seafood…give it a twist. Maybe need to add some fresh pizzazz to an omelet – it’s ready. Or some fresh cut herbaceousness to a pizza – go for it. Fresh herbs will make a taste huge difference!

Lekue Steam Case – this lets you cook fish, vegetables and pretty much any protein in the skinniest way possible – steaming.  And also the easiest by steaming in the microwave, yes I said microwave. And because you’re not adding any fat or calories in the process, you can be super happy with the outcome.

Eating better doesn’t mean eating boring. It simply means making a few small adjustments but everything else stays the same. You crave pizza – then have a slice, just not every slice. You want chocolate – then dip some frozen bananas in some melted dark chocolate instead of having a giant piece of chocolate cake. You can do this – you just need to think it though a bit, and the tools above will definitely help.

Happy 2018

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