Sam’s Quick Tip for Cooking Chicken Breast Right

April 30, 2013 10

Sam’s Quick Tip for Cooking Chicken Breast Right

There are two things that surprise me about chicken:
  1. How expensive it is considering how many chickens there seem to be in the world.  Because whenever they show a chicken farm on the news it looks like a billion chickens running about – and shouldn’t that much supply bring the price down?
  2. How difficult chicken can be to cook it without some part of it drying out.
I can’t do anything about the cost, but the drying out part I’ve got handled. This is my go-to way of cooking a chicken breast, and I do this all the time. And while I show you three things to do with it once cooked – the possibilities are endless. In fact my wife Kelly loves it when I grill some chicken, slice it and put it in a container in the fridge. Then when she wants a quick healthy bite or snack – it’s as simple as opening the fridge door. In fact, that makes an excellent point:  once you get set up to cook a chicken breast or two, why not throw a couple extra on. Then slice and stick ‘em in the fridge and they’re ready for anything - including just snacking. Sam the Cooking Guy Grilled Rosemary Chicken Sandwich Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken

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  1. Where can one purchase the ceramic grill pan? Should I assume BBY?
    Did I hear correctly, the pan does not scratch
    Did I see correctly that you didn’t use any oil in the ceramic pan.
    I enjoy your e mails (wish there were more), sure wish we were going to be in the SD area end of May.
    I used to see you on TV but not anymore, possibly I do not get the channel
    Thank you, your TIPS are great

    - g phillips
    1. The grill pan I was using is from Scanpan and you can get it from Bed Bath – here’s the url: Btw, I use mine all the time – you should see how amazing it makes a grill cheese look…
      One of the features of ceramic pans is their ability to stand up to metal utensils. And while I don’t make a habit of using metal in them every time I cook, it’s nice to know they won’t flake if I do. You saw correctly – no oil in the pan but there was some on the chicken from when I flattened it. You definitely don’t need a lot, but at least a little. Thanks for your comments.

      - Sam Zien
  2. Great tip sam…used to use plastic wrap and tenderizing hammer but that just makes a mess. Another use for Ziploc!

    - Wiggle
  3. Sam! I dig your tips. I’ve done medifast for the last 18 months. I’m down almost 60 lbs. A svelt 185. My wife and I have been doing chicken all this time. Love your tips. I used to cook 2 breasts every night. NOT NO MO! 4-5 lbs at one time. Lasts a few days and saves gas on my Weber. I’m an avid listener of DSC. I enjoy YOUR Fridays.



    - Eric
    1. just cooked 6 breasts last night myself – and now they’re waiting to be used in a million things…
      thanks eric.

      - Sam Zien
  4. I already knew about flatting the chicken. The pan I’ve never heard of but I bet i’ll be buying one soon.


    - sharon weaver
    1. you’re so welcome sharon – and you should see what that pan can do with scallops…and a grilled cheese!

      - Sam Zien
      1. In my area, the grill pan is not available at BBB, would a scanpan skillet serve the same purpose.? Obviously I would not have any grill marks. Just curious. thank you.

        - g phillips
        1. and the marks do more than just make food look great because the striping adds a TON of flavor. just a warning though – once you start using it you’ll be hooked and will want to grill-pan everything!

          - Sam Zien

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