Setting the Table Three Ways

November 08, 2012 5

Setting the Table Three Ways

If you're hosting for the holidays this year, we've got great ideas to help you set the scene with style. Find your decorating inspiration here, whether you're bringing out your best to set a formal table, gathering your loved ones for a casual fête, or filling the house for a buffet-style feast. How are you setting the table this year? Tell us below.

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  1. I loved the video.
    We all need to be reminded and taught.

    - Patricia Hunter
  2. I just wanted to let you know, I was at a friend’s house today helping her decorate her table for Thanksgiving and used your “elevated gourds on cake pedestal” idea. It looks great! I didn’t catch those leaf placemats the first time, those are cool. I am notorious for spilling cranberry sauce and red wine.

    - Sue A
    1. That’s great, Sue! Glad to hear you were inspired. Those placemats are great for spillers. They’re really inexpensive so you can stock up and there’s no heartbreak if you soak one with Cabernet. Check them out here: Felt Leaf Placemats

      - Above & Beyond
  3. Thanks, Sue! I like the leaf-shaped placemat, myself. They’re only $1.99 at BB&B, so if you spill on them (and I always spill something), it’s not a big deal.

    - Amy Laskin
  4. I am definitely the more casual style table decorator so love the second example using everyday dishes, fall tones and gourds. I love how you elevated the little gourds and pumpkins on the glass cake pedestal.

    - Sue A

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