Single Serve Coffee – So Simple You Could….

April 23, 2013 1

Single Serve Coffee – So Simple You Could….

Traditional drip coffee has gone a long time without much advance in technology. And the process has been the same forever:

  1. Fill coffee maker with water
  2. If using whole beans, grind them
  3. Add ground coffee to filter (assuming you’re lucky enough to separate just one filter from the stack)
  4. Place filter with coffee in the maker
  5. Turn coffee maker on and walk away
  6. Come back when coffee’s done (but not too much later or the coffee will have that burnt taste)
  7. Pour coffee into your cup and drink
  8. Relax

I’m not knocking the system, but it definitely has its drawbacks. And here’s where the technology of single serve coffee makers is most welcome.

In fact they’re so simple you could probably, well…maybe you should just watch the video.


Sam the Cooking Guy

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  1. I’m trying to find a list of coffeemakers that you sell, and I get some fool trying to tell me how to make coffee I am not pleased. Now I have to take time to figure out how to find coffeemakers – this store was much better when it just listed what was available. Efficiency means more to me than “up-to-date, modern” unnecessary junk. I don’t have time to wade through this junk to try and buy a coffeemaker – what has happened to good, old sensible BB & Beyond?

    - Bonnie Williams

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