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9 Products to Help You Destress This Holiday Season

October 28, 2018

Trust us, you’re going to want all of these holiday Zen-inducing pieces. The holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year. That said, between gifting and cooking and hosting and endless hours spent with loved ones, it’s enough stimulation and stress to send anyone into a glass case of emotion. Relaxing is much…

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Customer Favorites: Products to Help You Take Care of You

August 15, 2018

It’s hard to look at a blog, magazine, or your social media feed and not come across something proclaiming the importance of self-care. As of this posting, the hashtag #selfcare has racked up nearly 7 million uses on Instagram. Have we jumped on that bandwagon? Absolutely, we have. Our customers have too. Here’s what they’re…

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Fun Ways to Use Jars for Pretty Much Everything

August 04, 2018

You already know you can use jars for canning and for chic-ifying your cocktails. But there’s a lot more to be done with these versatile vessels. Here are some ideas and inspiration to make Ball canning jars the most useful items in your home. Candy Jar Keep it bright and colorful, and use jars to…

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Buyer’s Half Dozen: Pet Care

July 28, 2018

We love doting on and taking care of our pets just as much as, if not more, than we love pampering and taking care of ourselves. We asked Michelle, a buyer in our pet care department, to share some of her favorite items with us. If you don’t have these, you (and your pet) are…

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Little Life-Changer: TrackR

July 26, 2018

Have you ever misplaced your keys? Your wallet? Your phone? If you answer no to all of these, we’re not entirely sure we trust you. We also want to know your secret.   If, like most of us, you do sometimes lose those small but incredibly important things, we’ve got something that’s going to change…

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Must-Haves: Beach Day

July 20, 2018

You’ve done your homework and checked the weather. You’ve mapped out the perfect route to avoid traffic. Now, you’re ready to get your beach on…almost. Beach days are the best days, and we want you to be prepared. Here are our must-haves for a day at the beach: Printed Beach Towels We love these printed…

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