Amy Laskin is the Director of Content at Bed Bath & Beyond.  She has lived in her home for 13 years, but she’s not finished decorating it, and probably never will be.  The one room that’s “almost done” is the kitchen, because she loves to cook and bake (but not clean).

Jen Dennis is the Content Development Lead for Bed Bath & Beyond. She loves thinking, and writing, about all things home and travel. She considers herself the ultimate test case for whether a recipe is really idiot-proof, because if she can make it, anyone can.

Megan Mostyn-Brown is a writer for Bed Bath & Beyond. She’s obsessed with mid-century modern furniture, wallpaper, and any item that will get her organized. Someday she’d like to own a claw foot tub and more than one pan.

Sam “The Cooking Guy” Zien is host of the TV show Sam the Cooking Guy, author of 3 cookbooks and a frequent guest in the Today Show kitchen.  He’s also and proud of his “big in taste but small in effort” cooking style — “food that anyone can make,” he likes to say.

Bonnie Vengrow is a writer for Bed Bath & Beyond. She’s a sucker for pretty stationery, postmodern art, and any furniture with a claw foot. A lifelong neatnick, she’s learning to embrace the cheerful chaos that comes with living in a New York City apartment with her husband, son and two pets.

Julie Hartigan is a recovering engineer turned chef. She develops recipes and writes about cooking, entertaining, and health for Bed Bath & Beyond, WeightWatchers, FitPregnancy, and others, looking for the spot “where Healthy meets Happy.” Julie shares a small urban condo with her 2 little girls, 2 chubby guinea pigs, and 1 very patient husband. You can find her on Twitter @cookingwjulie.

Nicola Ruiz is a writer for Bed Bath & Beyond, and writes about fashion and style for various publications. She grew up in England and California but loves to call New York City home for one simple reason: shopping for all four seasons! That means she has learned to be a whiz when it comes to organizing her closet. When she’s not writing about style and decor (and organizing her stylish finds) you’ll find her hard at work on her novel or chasing after her busy four-year-old son and her four-pound Chihuahua Lola.

Kate Kelly is a writer for Bed Bath & Beyond. She is weirdly obsessed with bedspreads (stripes, florals, graphic—you name it, she wants it) and dinner ware which she loves to mix and match. She is currently searching for the perfect rug to replace the very expensive beige one that her three boys have ruined.

Lisa Milbrand is a writer for Bed Bath & Beyond. She constantly battles the chaos that comes with cramming one husband, two daughters and four pets into a standard-sized house—and when she’s winning the war, she loves to throw a good party to celebrate.

Bonnie McCarthy is a writer for Bed Bath & Beyond.  In addition to combing flea markets for vintage treasures and collecting colorful California pottery, she enjoys photographing the world around her and loves to bake when it rains.

Julie Bawden-Davis is a writer for Bed Bath & Beyond. She loves to write about all of the fun ways to make a house a home. Her only problem is her tendency to buy and try everything she writes about, which means she has just about every kitchen gadget ever created.

Terry Grieco-Kenny  is a recipe developer, food writer and food stylist. As a magazine food editor in NYC, she developed and styled hundreds (if not thousands!) of recipes, and has contributed to over 15 cookbooks and 10 magazines. It may sound like a super-busy life, but with her only son Jack now away at college, cooking up a storm in the kitchen certainly helps take her mind off the empty nest blues!