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bird feeder

These Are the Cutest Bird Feeders Ever!  

September 21, 2016

With their colorful antics and melodious songs, birds keep people entertained. So why not encourage them to hang around? A bird feeder makes for a compelling invite. Take a gander at our favorites: Nordic Pine No trees? No problem! This stately, glazed pine bird feeder stands tall and offers plenty of perches. Weatherproof and classically…

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outdoor shade

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable

April 29, 2016

I suffer from nice-weather guilt. Those of you who also live in northern climates know what I’m talking about: Our A-plus weather days are limited, so we feel guilty if we’re not outside enjoying each one. But when it’s time to unwind, an outdoor space—whether it’s a patio, a porch, or a deck—isn’t always ideal….

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dog toys

10 Puppy Toys Worth Drooling Over

April 28, 2016

Every dog owner knows a bored dog can quickly become a bad dog. And bad dogs do things like nose through trash, gnaw on furniture, and dig up landscaping. It’s easy to be mad (or not, depending on how well your dog does the guilty face), but how can we blame the dog if there’s…

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4 Reasons to Play Croquet This Spring

April 16, 2016

Ah, croquet. The very word embodies a sense of poetry, a touch of elegance, and a bit of French flair (I think it’s the silent “t”). The game of croquet has long been an established part of European and American outdoor tradition, providing enlightening entertainment for over 150 years. A croquet set consists of six…

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