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Wish List: Bakeware

November 23, 2014 1

Full confession: I have desserts on the brain. But in Los Angeles it’s easier to find a wheatgrass-kale-mulberry smoothie than it is to find a brownie. So I’ve been perusing bakeware while daydreaming about cinnamon buns, chocolate cake, and pecan bars. Here are a few pieces I plan on adding to my artillery. Bake and…

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best apples for fall baking

The Best Apples for Baking

September 27, 2014 2

Some say the invigorating crispness of a cold, sunny day is rivaled only by the crispness of a freshly picked apple. We couldn’t agree more. Perhaps that’s why, when it comes to fall and winter baking, the apple is at the core of it all. But with so many apple options, it’s hard to know which is the…

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