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5 Ways to Create a Spa at Home

September 12, 2015

For those of us who can’t jet away to a relaxing, beautiful beach at the moment, you can still bring Zen back into your life. First, put the kids to bed; shut down the computer; turn off your smartphone, and use these tools to set up a spa-like sanctuary at home. 1. Foot Spa For most…

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Sell towel stands_warmers

Did You Know We Sell: Towel Stands and Warmers?

January 24, 2015

A relaxing hot shower followed by a cold, clammy towel? No, thanks. Keep your towels dry — and indulge in a little spa-inspired bliss — with these ingenious bathroom accessories. Au Naturel Beautiful bamboo brings a touch of natural serenity to any bathroom. Plus, this simple, functional design offers ample towel-hanging space. It’s totally Zen….

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grooming mirrors

Grooming Mirrors: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy

August 18, 2014

Whether you require a clear view for applying eye shadow or bright light for shaving your face, a quality personal grooming mirror can make such tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Consider the following illuminating facts when choosing a personal grooming mirror. 1. Lighting Effective personal grooming mirrors feature bright light that allows you to get…

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