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Spring Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Days

March 01, 2017

You might expect to spend the better part of your weekend spring-cleaning your home, which is why you end up putting it off until summer or fall. I have a solution. Try my easy cleaning hacks to get that sparkling look with as little effort as possible. Ceilings and floors It takes far less energy…

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Expert Cleaning Hacks That Make Walls Sparkle

September 07, 2016

Dirty shoes, sporting gear, crayons, Sunday lasagna—they’ve all made lasting impressions on your walls. Fortunately, you may not need to apply a new coat of paint to erase the damage. You can restore your walls to mint condition by using the following expert hacks. For Scuffs Scuff marks are inevitable—and possibly the easiest to remove….

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goodbye stale winter air

Say Goodbye to Stuffy, Stale Winter Air

February 07, 2016

We love nesting! Cuddling up by the fire. Snuggling up under blankets. Binge watching Netflix, guilt-free (hey, it’s cold outside). The only downside is that winter air can become stuffy, at best. If you’re going to be cooped up indoors, the following will ensure that your air is as fresh as it can be—you’ll breathe…

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