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How to Save Money at Farmers Markets 

May 27, 2016

What’s better than shopping at a farmers market? You’ll find table after table of delightful produce, an array of homegrown products, a selection of natural foods, and a crowd of thoughtful consumers ambling from one booth to the next. Time slows down at a farmers market and lets you feel the relaxed pace of life,…

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The Art of Serving Spring Produce

May 22, 2016

Turnips. Potatoes. Rutabagas. Pears. What do these fruits and vegetables have in common? They’re all so last season, that’s what. Trending now are produce in a rainbow of colors, such as verdant peas, asparagus, and artichokes; orangey apricots, cantaloupe, and nectarines; crimson strawberries; and dark and juicy blueberries. These peak-season picks are gorgeous unto themselves….

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Get More Color in Your Diet

February 12, 2016

We all recognize the importance of eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, but we don’t always think about the importance of the color of those fruits and vegetables. If you’re in a bananas-and-corn-and-strawberries rut (it’s OK, I’ve been there, too), why not explore some of the more colorful fruits and…

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5 Reasons Why We Love Lemonade

August 05, 2015

Crisp, cool, refreshing, tangy, sweet — lemonade is like sipping sunshine in a glass. So, I think it’s time to celebrate the time-tested drink that epitomizes summer. Here are 5 reasons we love this classic summer delight: 1. Lemonade Is Delicious Ah, lemonade. It’s the ideal beverage to cool you down on a hot summer’s…

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Surprising Smoothies You’ve Got to Try

June 12, 2015

As the weather heats up and our favorite produce is finally in season again, it’s time to dust off that blender and stock up on fruits and veggies to make some cool, healthy smoothies. While I like a classic strawberry-banana mix as much as the next person, these new — and a little quirky —…

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