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8 of Our Favorite Hanukkah Products

November 25, 2018

These are latkes of fun! Hanukkah is here! That means delicious latkes, Sufganiyah, games of dreidel, gelt, songs, and, of course, candles for days (eight, to be exact). It’s a pretty good time, but it’s made even better with a few themed items. Here are some of our favorites. Chanukah Latke Peeler in Blue/Brown You…

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5 Fun Menorahs to Light This Hanukkah

November 24, 2018

Bring some fun to the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, is coming up. That means lots of food fried in oil (hello, latkes!) and eight nights of candles in the window, brought to you by a menorah. While you can certainly take the traditional route with your menorah, there are plenty…

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Hanukkah Gifts and Décor to Kvell Over

November 29, 2015 1

Here’s something your may not know: Hanukkah isn’t the most significant Jewish holiday. However, its kid-friendly tale of heroism, faith, and miracles—plus its convenient proximity to Christmas—has given it a more illustrious profile. So, show the Festival of Lights some love by snapping up some gorgeous gifts and holiday décor. It’s a mitzvah. Stone Cold…

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Pet Gifts Ideas

Gifts for Pet Lovers … and Their Pets

December 13, 2012

Your sister brings her dachsund everywhere. Your cousin has photos of his tabby on the mantle. Even your mother dresses the family Pekingese in quirky ensembles for special occasions. To say you have a few pet lovers in your life is a gross understatement. This year, instead of chooosing a present for the people, cater to their…

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