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7 Ways to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Queen

January 20, 2017

How do you prepare for an evening of romance? Indulge in yourself. Beauty blogger, Cari Dunn, reveals her favorite pampering products. 1. Satin Pillowcases You already know that satin sheets feel amazing on your skin. You may not know that satin pillowcases are touted to help prevent tangled hair and reduce wrinkles. “I have extremely…

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beat t he heat

Beat the Heat and Get More Done

July 02, 2014

Don’t let the summer heat slow you down. Instead, power up your day so you can multitask more efficiently and feel peppier while you’re at it. The key is optimizing your energy level by fine-tuning your daily habits. Here are hot tips to peaking your daily performance despite the rising thermometer. Vroom! Lighten up. When…

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Bathroom Scales Have Come a Long Way

January 20, 2014 1

Gone are the days of boring, white, mechanical scales that hated you as much as you hated them. Modern bathroom scales are more fashionable than ever. And having just the right one can motivate you to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Here, a few guidelines to help you choose the right one. 1….

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Read This Before You Buy a Massager

December 31, 2013

Raise your hand if either of the following apply to you: A. You have money to spend on getting a professional massage regularly. B. You have a significant other with the magic touch (and willingness to apply said magic touch on demand). C. None of the above. If you answered “C,” then investing in a massager may…

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Allergy-Proof Your Home: Floors

March 20, 2013 1

Sneezing. Watery eyes. Runny nose. No, you haven’t been watching the latest Nicholas Sparks flick (though The Notebook still gets you every time), you’re having an allergy attack. The biggest culprits egging on your seasonal nemesis? Dirt, dust and mold. And one place you’re sure to find all three of these is on your floors. In honor…

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Allergy Proof Your Windows

Allergy Proof Your Home: Windows

March 19, 2013

As a lifelong allergy sufferer, I’m well aware that windows, with their direct access to the outdoors, can have a significant impact on symptoms. Fortunately, it is possible to allergy proof your windows–if you keep a few tips in mind. Open or Closed? If you suffer from allergies, you don’t always have to have the…

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7 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

January 30, 2013 8

Research shows that those who get more rest are better at learning and retaining information. That may explain why lack of sleep makes you more forgetful and less productive. So, how can you get from point A to point ZZZs? The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research suggests the following seven tips: 1. Stick to…

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