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Fight the Freshman 15 and Win

August 31, 2016

Pizza at every meal … a flavored, whipped-creamed coffee habit … utter exhaustion—you’re practically handed the Freshman 15 with your first-semester syllabus. Those who plan ahead and gear up for the challenge (parents, please help!) will soon learn that gaining weight doesn’t have to be their fate. SmartWatch Your Workout You won’t always have time…

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How to Save Money at Farmers Markets 

May 27, 2016

What’s better than shopping at a farmers market? You’ll find table after table of delightful produce, an array of homegrown products, a selection of natural foods, and a crowd of thoughtful consumers ambling from one booth to the next. Time slows down at a farmers market and lets you feel the relaxed pace of life,…

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5 Quick-Grow Veggies for Gardeners Who Can’t Wait 

May 12, 2016

Vegetable gardening is all about patience. You plant seeds, you wait. The seeds sprout, you wait. The plants grow, you wait. In between, you watch the weather and weed religiously and wage war on aphids and powdery mildew until—finally!—the months pass by and it’s time to harvest your tomatoes or corn or those organic heirloom…

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