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7 Easy Ideas to Pack a Playful Lunch

September 05, 2014

Back to school means back to many routines, from packing backpacks to checking homework and running for school buses. But nothing strikes dread in the heart of most parents like the nightly ritual of making school lunch. What starts out as a nurturing gesture of love often comes home warm, squished, uneaten, rejected. Well, no…

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make it a party pizza

End of School Year Pizza Party Cook-off

May 08, 2014

School’s out! Instead of just having the gang over for pizza, why not make it a party instead? Channel your favorite cooking show and unleash your kiddie top chefs with a Pizza Party Cook-off. Kids will have a blast making pizza creations in this easy setup and cleanup shindig. Your Party Plan Plan to host…

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digital detox

How to Do a Digital Detox at Home

April 05, 2014

If the thought of life without your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at your fingertips for even a few minutes puts you in a panic, you may be hovering on an iDisorder, says Larry Rosen, Ph.D., professor and research psychologist at California State University and author of “iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its…

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cooking with kids

Top 10 Tips for Cooking with the Kiddos

March 29, 2014

Kids definitely love to play, both at the playground and in the kitchen. Get them involved in meal prep and you’ll not only be teaching them a lifelong skill, but you’ll help them become healthier, more adventurous eaters. Not to mention cooking together can be a great creative outlet, mean more family bonding time, and…

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