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spa accessories

Must-Have Spa Accessories

September 08, 2014

There’s nothing better than indulging in a hot bath and a glass of wine after a long day. And while the bare essentials (bath salts and a nice Shiraz) can do the trick , mixing in a few spa-like upgrades can turn a great end of the day ritual into an even better one. Here…

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5 questions B. Smith

5 Questions for B. Smith

August 06, 2014

We jumped at the chance to ask the inimitable B. Smith our fave five questions. Here’s what the multitalented tv and radio personality–not to mention designer of a hugely popular lines of bedding and servingware here at Bed Bath & Beyond–told us about her design and entertaining style. If you had to tweet your design philosophy,…

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Wardrobe Organization Ideas You Can Steal From College Kids

August 05, 2014

Mention the words “closet organization” to a group of friends and you’re guaranteed to get a collective groan. Sometimes finding the right solution takes an out-of-the-box approach. Case in point: dorm organization products. Before you discount them as child’s play, know this — dorm organizers are specifically geared towards making it easy for style-conscious consumers to…

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perfect hammock

Be Swayed: Pick the Perfect Hammock

July 18, 2014

Ever daydream about being suspended above the cares of the world, or yearn to slow life’s pace to the rhythm of a gentle breeze? We often associate this feeling with an exotic locale, but the truth is, it can easily be created in your own backyard. All you need is a hammock. And while choosing a…

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How to Clean a Dishwasher

July 17, 2014 1

In 1886, Josephine Cochran decided that there had to be an easier way to wash dishes and she invented a rudimentary dishwasher. As a wealthy woman who entertained often, she wanted a machine that could wash dishes faster than her servants did, without breaking them. Her invention was a simple hand-operated machine that essentially splashed…

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dorm tech tools grownups

Dorm Tech Tools For Grown-ups

July 15, 2014

Twin XL sheets and bean bag chairs are a definite grown-up don’t, but our roster of college dorm tech tools is chock full of plenty of adult do’s. Yes, these nifty gadgets may be geared towards students on the go, but they’re equally helpful to those whose college days were …a while… ago. You never seem…

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Backyard Composting Do’s and Don’ts

July 05, 2014

Summer is the season of fresh produce and vibrant gardens, which means it’s also the season of abundant kitchen and yard waste — and the perfect time to think about composting. And not simply as a trendy alternative to the trash can. Often described as “nature’s way of recycling,” composting is the process of breaking…

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