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How to Make Your Art Ledge Dazzle

September 12, 2016

I could write a love letter to my gallery wall. For four years, it has beautifully showcased whatever inspired me and allowed me to easily change out old pieces for new ones. But like many love stories, there’s a downside. The fixed layout and hanging design has limited my creativity. And that’s got me thinking…

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4 Maps You’ll Want to Flaunt

August 18, 2016

Maps aren’t just geographical references. They’re also artistic expressions of travel, culture, and adventure. And art should be enjoyed by as many people as possible! These four, quirky, cool maps deserve to take center stage. Our advice: Flaunt them freely in high-trafficked areas. Butterfly Maps Butterfly-shaped maps showcased in a goes-with-anything white frame? Yes, please!…

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rose inspired decor

Rose-Inspired Décor: An Idea That’s Ready to Blossom

June 20, 2016

June is National Rose Month, which really isn’t surprising when you think about it. After all, what other month embodies the beauty, fragrance, and enduring enchantment of this classic flower in quite the same way? It’s as if the month of June was specifically designed for celebrating roses. Now, not everyone has a garden brimming…

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glamorous room

How to Do Glamour That Isn’t Over the Top

May 18, 2016

When I hear the word “glamour,” a few things immediately spring to mind: Excess. Polished marble as far as the eye can see. Gilded everything. And money. Lots and lots of money. But like a down-to-earth heiress, glamour is surprisingly accessible and—when used with restraint—remarkably powerful. A faux fur throw tossed casually over the foot…

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7 Items to Give Your Patio Great Summer Style

April 22, 2016 1

When gorgeous summer weather rolls around, the patio is the place to be. Invite your friends, crank up the grill, and pour a few drinks. Does it get any better? Actually, it does. By adding a few key items to your patio, you can celebrate the summer in a space full of flair. For inspiration,…

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