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bartending set

Home 2.0 Gadgets

February 27, 2015

I grew up watching “The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons,” and was always more drawn to the futuristic utopia than the Neolithic era. Although I’m not blessed with a robot maid, I’m always looking for new contraptions to catapult my kitchen, bedroom, and living room into the future. Here are a few whimsical inventions I have…

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pet hair

Winning the Pet-Hair Battle

February 25, 2015

It’s been said that pets leave footprints on our hearts. Some pets also leave copious amounts of hair in our homes. If you own a shedder, you’ve likely experienced the nature of the fur tumbleweed, the frustrations of lint rollers, and the embarrassment of watching a dinner guest pick an extra “garnish” from their teeth. But…

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toaster oven

Eight Uses For Your Toaster Oven

February 20, 2015 1

 Think toaster ovens are only good for toast? Think again. From simplifying meal prep to creating fun indulgences, a toaster oven can add to your kitchen in more ways than one. Use it as a second oven when cooking a big dinner, or use it on its own to reduce your energy bill. It may…

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