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Did You Know We Sell … Party Trays?

September 25, 2015

If you like to party (and we know you do), then you need a proper perch for serving up everything from cocktails to canapés. Fortunately, we stock the prettiest — and most practical — party trays around. Triple Treat A tiered trio of porcelain trays allows for an artful, edible arrangement that doesn’t completely dominate…

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5 Reasons We Love Plaid

September 21, 2015 2

What’s not to like about plaid? When a particular pattern endures for centuries, it’s usually for a good reason. And while it’s sometimes overshadowed by some of the other patterns and prints, plaid is truly one of the most attractive, unique designs in existence. (To be perfectly accurate, there are technical differences between checkered patterns,…

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cozy throws

10 Cozy Throws for Fall

September 18, 2015

As the nights start to get cooler, the perfect evening for most of us changes from seaside margaritas to curling up in front of a bonfire or the TV, and no nighttime cuddle session is complete without a toasty throw blanket. Throws do more than just keep us warm and comfortable. They’re a décor element….

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

September 17, 2015

Nothing really gets done in the kitchen without some kind of run-in with the kitchen sink. Whether you’re cooking, rinsing, cleaning, or just washing your hands, the kitchen sink is always part of the action. Imagine then just how many germs it can attract and how important it is to keep clean. The good news…

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