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welcome spring with seasonal decor

Welcome Spring With Fresh, Seasonal Décor

April 18, 2015

Do you feel that warmth in the air? Are you marveling at those crocuses and daffodils? At long last, spring has arrived with all its glorious sights, smells, and sounds. Not only can you finally spend time outside enjoying nature, you can bring spring indoors as well. Swap out your winter décor and get ready…

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arrange flowers like a pro

How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

April 09, 2015

When I was first out of college and living paycheck to paycheck, one of my biggest indulgences was buying myself an occasional bouquet of flowers. Just the sight of lush hydrangeas or bright gerbera daisies was enough to make me feel happy and, as silly as it sounds, like a grown-up. Not too shabby for…

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Knife, Meet Job

April 08, 2015

So, you just splurged on a magnificent set of cutlery. Now what? That knife block is full of options, but unless you know what each knife can do, you will probably end up using whatever is handy. Each knife has been forged and folded to perform certain tasks. Using the right one will inevitably make all your cutting easier….

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go green with decor

Simple Ways to Go Green With Your Décor

April 06, 2015

I’d read the articles about being good to the earth. I’d sobbed through the commercials about displaced polar bears. I’d recycled diligently and turned off lights whenever I left a room. But I’d never given much thought about the pieces I brought into my home — beyond whether they looked good. Then I got pregnant…

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low maintenance gardening

The Scoop on Low-Maintenance Gardening

April 04, 2015

Want a beautiful garden but think you don’t have time for it? Try a low-maintenance garden — the perfect fit for a busy life. “Plan before you dive right in,” advises landscape architect John Sabol of Hatch Mott MacDonald in New Jersey. “That’s the most important thing to do.” He offered these seven tips for…

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